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We understand that there is more to business then just a website so we work to fully integrate your business into all the facets of the internet. Whether you utilize our templating system or request a custom website, Vast Virtual's business model assessment pulls all the pieces together to build a comprehensive web presence for you.

Economy Site

  • Fully managed & Hostedyes
  • 2 Pagesyes
  • Facebook integrationyes
  • Twitter integrationyes
  • Email boxes1
  • Keyword developmentyes
$ 69 per mo.

Basic Site

  • Economy Site featuresyes
  • 5 Pagesyes
  • Search Engine Optyes
  • Facebook welcome pageyes
  • Email boxes5
  • Media managementyes
$ 89 per mo.

Premium Site

  • Basic Site featuresyes
  • 10 Pagesyes
  • Youtube Channelyes
  • RSS feed integrationyes
  • Email boxes10
  • Stats analysisyes
$ 119 per mo.

Supreme Site

  • Premium Site featuresyes
  • 10 Pagesyes
  • Easy to use forumyes
  • Customer Databaseyes
  • Customer Newsletter10
  • Customizationyes
$ 299 per mo


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Our Solutions

Businesses are continually looking to find ways to become more competitive. Obviously computers and the internet have made this much more feasible. It is now time to make the internet work for you and your customers.

The internet has undergone many changes. The website and a .com used to be the model for being the front runner in any business. Now if you don't have a website, you are not even in contention for nominal success. In the past several years the internet has taken a different turn. Social media success has become key to bringing in more customers. Vast Virtual Solutions has been at the forefront and ahead of the curve in this phenomena.

The internet can be intimidating for the novice or even average user. Everyday there are stories about people taking advantage of people over the internet or being take advantage of. These stories have cause much fear and apprehension in venturing out into the number one income generator in the world. It is important to bring an expert on board to set your company up correctly and set you up for success.

So how do we do it? The center of you success needs to be your brand. Vast Virtual will help you set up your brand with a state of the art website. We use this very important component as a hub to all of the other tools that will bring you or your business success. We also utilize Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google, Yahoo, and many other tools to help your brand rise to the top of search engine searches. With search engine optimization techniques, Vast Virtual will help you drift past your competitors by becoming more visable within the busy internet environment.

Once we have built your internet brand and created a substantial presence on all the search engines, the next step is to stream-line your business with web interaction applications. These web programs utilize customized algorithms to enhance productivity and expand the reach of your business through emails and interactive forums. To be successful in business, not only do you have to know you customer, your customer needs to know you. With these tools and social media, this can be achieved. These techniques will help your company achieve maximum potential.

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